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City monuments of Ulyanovsk

The Monument to A.A. Plastov

The monument to A.A.Plastov was opened on January, 31, 2003 in honor of the 110 Arcady Aleksandrovicha Plastov anniversary . The author is the sculptor A.A.Bichukov. The monument is executed in traditions of realism. The artist is represented with a brush and an easel.



The Monument-bust to I.A. Goncharov

The monument-bust to I.A.Goncharov was opened on September, 12 1948, in a year of the 300 anniversary of Simbirsk foundation nearby the building of regional library  called the Book Palace. The bronze bust is established on a pedestal made from a light pink granite with an inscription «Goncharov I.A. (1812-1891)». The author is the sculptor A.Vetrov.


The Monument to K. Marx


The monument to K.Marx was opened on November, 7, 1921 This is one of K.Marx's first sculptural images in the Soviet Russia. Authors of a monument are the Soviet sculpture S.D.Merkurov and the architect, professor V.A.ShChuko. The mythological plot of Atlanta is combined with graphic receptions of classicism and  early modernism. K.Marx is treated as the titan of thought and spirit




The Monument to V. I. Lenin

The monument to V.I.Lenin was opened on April, 22 1940 and represents the product of socialist realism. The authors are the sculptor M.Manizer and the architect Vitman. It  is «Lenin in October, in the rough environment, firmly standing and confidently looking afar, in the future». The variant of this sculpture at the Bruxelles international exhibition in 1958 received the higher award  "Grand prix".



The Monument to Nariman Narimanov

The monument to N. Narimanov was opened in Ulyanovsk in 1977. It is the gift of Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic workers  and is established on the prospectus named in honor of this statesman, the writer and the publicist. The monument is executed in the form of a high relief of Narimanov against the stylized banner from the polished red granite.


Obelisk to the victims of civil war

On the Venets within 1918-1922 there were dozens of people buried, they were the victims of civil war. Thus, a certain exclusive cemetery in city center was formed. In 1927 the tombs were razed to the ground, and on a communal grave there was erected the monument to the Red Army men who were lost in fights for clearing of Simbirsk in 1918. The Architect is F.E.Volsov (1927). In 1968 at a monument-obelisk was lit the Eternal fire of glory. 


Monument to N.M. Karamzin

The initiators of a monument to N.M.Karamzin construction were major general P.N.Ivashev, three brothers Yazikovi, prince J.Hovansky, etc. who made initial payments on monument building. Nikolay I who visited Simbirsk in 1836, offered to arrange the square on this place and to erect a monument in the center of it, having enjoined to conclude the monument construction contract with professor S.I.Galberg.


Monument to the «Ё» letter

On September, 4, 2005 in front of the building of the Ulyanovsk regional scientific library there was opened a monument to the letter «Ё». This event took place at the  date of the 160 anniversary from the date of opening and consecration of the monument to the historiographer N.M.Karamzin. N.M.Karamzin was the first author and the publisher who used the letter «Ё». In 2005 there was 210 years anniversary from the date of its first publication.

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