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432063, Russia, Ulyanovsk, Kuznetsova street, 7, Department of economics, strategic planning and investment of Ulyanovsk city administration.: tel.number (8422 )41-47-93, 41-45-94, fax 41-45-94

About the department of programs and projects management


About the Ulyanovsk city:

The Ulyanovsk city is a unique in geographical, cultural and economic aspects city with rich history. The city was established in 1648, as a fortress Simbirsk on the right coast of Volga named the Venets (its height is more than 120 m). In 1780 the city became the center of Simbirsk vicegerency, and in 1796 it became the province center. The historical name of the city is Simbirsk.

Ulyanovsk is an administrative center of the Ulyanovsk region. The city population makes 637,2 thousand people, among them there are 352,3 thousand townspeople of able-bodied age. Territorially the city is divided into two parts: the Right bank and the Left bank, which also consists of four districts: Leninsky, Zasvijazhsky, Zavolzhsky and Jeleznodorozhny. The city is connected by business partner relations with dozens Russian and foreign regions. In 2001 Ulyanovsk was included into the regional program «Cultural capital of the Volga region» and became the first cultural capital of Volga region, it has been accepted in the International association of capitals and big cities, and also in the Volga region Cities Association. With good reason it applies for a rank of one of the most sports cities of Russia: the largest national championships in many kinds of sport were held in Ulyanovsk.

Modern Ulyanovsk is a city of theaters, museums, a city of music, international and Russian festivals and exhibitions, libraries, the newest technologies, it has rich scientific potential. One of priority tasks which the city sets is a task of the maximum possible attraction of investments into economy of Ulyanovsk and creation of a favorable investment and business climate on the city territory.


Competitive advantages:

Ulyanovsk possesses the essential competitive advantages, capable to involve potential investors. 


Such factors concern:

favorable geographical position

Ulyanovsk is located in the centre of the European part of Russia on the Privolzhsky height, on coasts of the Volga river (the Kuibyshev water basin) and the Svijaga river, in 893 km to the east from Moscow;

powerful diversified industrial potential, presence of the large industrial enterprises which manufacture unique production

The number of the registered industrial enterprises (the mining operations, processing manufactures, manufacture and distribution of the electric power, gas and water) as of January 1,2011 reaches 2 125 units, among them there are 443 large and average industrial enterprises. The large and average industrial enterprises laded the goods of their own manufacture for a total sum at a rate of 80,5 billion rbl.;

the developed transport network causing possibility of the further development of transport hub

Ulyanovsk is a large transport, river and  railway junction connecting the central and western regions of the country with Ural Mountains and Siberia. There are two airports (one of them is international). River transport work is provided by cargo and passenger ports;

an industrial zone  "Zavolzhe" location in the city territory

The project is carried out with the state support at the expense of budgetary appropriations of Investment fund of the Russian Federation, regional and city budgets.

The total area of an industrial zone is 500 hectares, it is located in the largest industrial zone of Ulyanovsk. There is a direct exit to automobile lines, presence of a branch line, an adjunction to an existing industrial zone and the developed engineering infrastructure. The competitive advantages are a successful geographical location, granting of guarantees, the preferential taxation, measures of the state support, the developed road network, high professionalism and qualification of human resources. The residents of an industrial zone are SABMillerRus and Mars companies.

Port Special Economic Zone (PSEZ) location in the city territory

It is located on the basis of the international airport "Ulyanovsk Vostochny". The PSEZ total area will be 640 hectares, among them there are120 hectares of the first starting complex. The creation of a port special economic zone promotes strengthening of positions of Russia on the markets of cargo aviatransit between Europe and Asia, gives an additional impulse to development of domestic cargo air carriers and an aircraft industry, will make the considerable contribution to development of the city, the Ulyanovsk region and Russian Federation economy.

human recourses provision

The developed educational system, allowing to prepare qualified personnel for various branches of economy;

high scientific potential of the city, allowing to carry out scientific workings of both applied and academic character;

extensive foreign economic relations;

the richest historical and cultural potential;

a stable political situation in a city, population trusts the city authorities;

stable consumer demand on the goods and services market.


Municipal support:

 For stimulation of investment activity and attraction of investors funds for city economy and social sphere development, for new workplaces creation the city administration carries out the municipal support of investment activity which includes:

Assistance to investors in selection of floor spaces and the ground areas

Elimination of administrative barriers

The solving of problem questions at investment projects realization

The Ulyanovsk investment activity infrastructure development

Rendering of the information, methodical and consulting help to investors

Ground tax payment privilege granting to the projects which were assigned the status of the priority investment project of the Ulyanovsk city municipal unit


Municipal support is regulated by the DECISION from March 3,2010 № 1201 "About the investment activity support in territory of the Ulyanovsk city municipal unit Statute asseveration.

To increase the investment appeal of the city and to maintain  investment projects implementation in the city territory the City council on investments at the Mayor of Ulyanovsk was created, its duties include development of the city investment policy basic directions, positive investment image of a city creation, perfection of standard-legal base in the sphere of investments, investment projects consideration, assignment of the status of the priority investment project to projects.

To solve current problems arising during investment projects implementation works the Commission on investment activity of Ulyanovsk city administration. Also the commission carries out the analysis and operatively reacts the developing conditions of investment projects implementation , considers offers of investors about selection and granting of the ground areas, uninhabited premises for investment projects implementation, develops regulatory legal acts concerning investments.

To reveal free grounds and to form investment offers of the city works the Group on free grounds revealing within the territory of the Ulyanovsk city municipal unit.

The curator is fixed for each project included in the city register of investment projects. Curators carry out monitoring of projects implementation, operatively solve the problems arising during projects implementation, go to the platforms where the investment projects of Ulyanovsk are carried out for the purpose to control the project implementation conditions, meet the initiators of the project.


Measures of the investors state support

The largest investment projects carried out  in the Ulyanovsk city territory during the last years include:

METRO shopping centre construction Metro Cash and Carry LLC;

new generation dialysis center of FrezeniusMedikalKia Holding LLC construction;

Samolet shopping center  of  DARS LLC construction;

metalware manufacture branch of Electroboard - TM – Samara CJSC creation;

Versailles shopping centre of Vzlet Invest LLC construction;

Simbirsk regional sports park  of Maxima Х LLC creation;

SubMillerRus LLC brewery construction;

Pushkarevskoe kolzo shopping centre of Maxima X company construction;

subscribers service contact centre of MTS JSC creation;

Imperial  Club DeLuxe park-hotel of Vis-Mos LLC construction;

gas-silicate products factory of KPD-2 GC construction.


«Administrative umbrella» system

To eliminate the administrative barriers the principle of an administrative umbrella is implemented  it means the support of the investment project implementation at all stages. We make considerable efforts to help investors in projects implementation and we render them comprehensive support. In order to solve all the arising problems operatively the register of city investment projects which contains the information about the current condition of each project implementation, arising problems and necessary actions to eliminate them was created. The register includes both implemented and planned  projects and even business ideas.


To analyze and operatively react on developing conditions of  investment projects implementation in the city territory there was created the City staff on investment potential increase  of the Ulyanovsk city municipal unit. The staff’s duties include

documents support organisation as for coordination;

problem questions arising during investment projects implementation consideration;

working out and control of city investment appeal increase plan implementation course ;

solving of the other problems arising during the implementation of the measurements directed on the city investment appeal increase.


Priority directions of the city development

Priority directions of business relations with partners development  include, first, commercial relations development , secondly, joint investment projects in the city territory implementation.

The analysis of  investments usage during the last years shows that their prevailing part goes on replacement of the worn out techniques and equipment, automation and mechanisation of operating productions (51,9 %), construction of buildings (except inhabited) (35,8 %). 12,3 % of investments go to housing construction.


The most-attractive investment branches of the city include:

Aircraft engineering and aviacomponents 

The concentration of the organizations and the enterprises which are involved in working out, manufacture, tests of flying machines, their operation, modernization, repair and maintenance service made it possible to form  the aviation cluster in the Ulyanovsk city.

Aviacluster unites aircraft constructing manufacture, suppliers of accessories, the design office, two airports, a range of airlines, maintenance and logistical departments, and also the educational institutions preparing experts.

The kernel of the cluster is Aviastar SP JSC and Ulyanovsk Vostochny airport. Aviation cluster balanced development strengthens specialization and competitive advantages of Ulyanovsk in the sphere of aviation manufactures and technologies.

Favorable geographical location of the Ulyanovsk city from the point of view of the logistics, the developed transport infrastructure (two airports, the river port, the branched out automobile and railway network) both powerful scientific and educational potential promotes the aviacluster development.

During last years aviacluster received a new coil in its development.


Motor industry and autocomponents

This industry is traditionally strong in Ulyanovsk. Here there is located such automobile giant, as the Ulyanovsk automobile factory, and more than 90 enterprises making accessories for all automobile factories of Russia. In the city there is a great base for preparation of experts of all levels in motor industry sphere. There are free industrial platforms for investors in the city.


Food and process industry

In the city realize their scale projects such large players of world and Russian levels, as "SABMiller", "SAHO" and others. There exists a possibility to create the new food industry enterprises within the  territory of Zavolzhe industrial zone.


Tourist business 

Ulyanovsk is a city with the richest history, connected with great names and events, it is rich with architectural and cultural monuments. Therefore the city administration is interested in development of entrance and internal tourism, in various excursion and event programs implementation, in business tourism development. It causes the requirement for tourist objects and  4 and 5 stars category hotel complexes construction,


«Point of growth», the investment offers of the Ulyanovsk city:

The industrial zone of "Zavolzhe"

Port special economic zone

Investment platforms for inhabited and public construction in Zavolzhsky district of Ulyanovsk

The concept of inhabited quarter construction on Avtozavodskaja street in Ulyanovsk

Town-planning development of the Svijaga river quay

Scientifically-industrial technopark "the Ulyanovsk centre of microelectronics and automation"

Zapad1 micro district construction

Industrial park on the basis of the Ulyanovsk automobile factory

The multipurpose entertaining centre and hotel complex in the centre of Ulyanovsk

Multifunctional complex with an aquapark

The Volga Riviera

Regional sports park "Simbirsk"

Reconstruction of  Trud stadium

Ice palace "Torpedo"

Platform for hotel construction

Platforms for hotels construction

The ground areas for business and industrial construction

The business offers of the Ulyanovsk city for parks and squares development

Results of work in the sphere of investments attraction as for 2009

The register of investment projects in Ulyanovsk

Free industrial platforms

Investment platforms

The ground areas

The list of uninhabited premises, for which it is planned to expose the right of the lease contract conclusion for auction 

The program of the Ulyanovsk city municipal property privatization  for 2011 ( is confirmed by the Decision of Ulyanovsk City Duma from September 29,2010 №98)

The program of Ulyanovsk municipal property  privatization  for 2010

The investment offers of the Ulyanovsk city for parks and squares development

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